Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Tips For Bunion Surgery Recovery

1. Even though it might be tempting and you feel up to it, avoid walking immediately after bunion surgery as it  may prevent proper bone and tissue healing.
2. During the first 3-5 days after surgery, keep your foot elevated as often as possible.
3. To keep inflammation down, ice your foot 4-5 times for 20 minutes throughout the day.
4. If your podiatrist prescribed a surgical shoe or walking boot for use after your surgery, make sure to wear it. The purpose of these shoes is to keep your healing toe in place. Walking too soon in street shoes will compromise your healing process.
5. Water and excessive moisture near the scar may introduce bacteria that can infect the fresh wound. When taking a shower or bath, wrap your foot in plastic bags with a rubber band to keep water out.
6. Take your full course of antibiotic medication to prevent infection.
7. If your podiatrist prescribes physical therapy to repair mobility in the joint, go for the prescribed length and be good about doing the stretches at home.
8. Talk with your podiatrist about what stretches you can be doing at home, if no physical therapy is prescribed.
9. Invest in several pairs of good quality shoes, sneakers, boots, etc. When your feet have the right support, the opportunity for foot deformities to occur or recur is less.
10. If you have the following symptoms immediately after bunion surgery, call your podiatric surgeon right away: fever, warmth and burning in scar area, inability to tolerate pain, or medication side effects.
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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I hope I have a speedy recovery from my bunion surgery in Crystal Lake. How long til I can dance again?

  2. Excellent ideas! Of course these tips can help those people who want to recover fast from bunion surgery.