Friday, November 1, 2013

Victoria Beckham Considering Bunion Surgery

Victoria Beckham's bunions are so epic, they're part of popular culture.
The former Spice Girls singer and wife to soccer star David is reportedly considering surgery to correct the deformity.
Beckham was warned to have the surgery now or risk "serious problems."
The fashion designer has a notorious love of high heels, even wearing wedge sneakers when she was invited
to throw out the first pitch for a Los Angeles Dodgers game in 2007.
But there is only so long you can wear high heels and stilettos without consequence, and Beckham can expect a huge change in wardrobe if she doesn't have the surgery.
"Vic's been advised that her treatment must be done on both feet ASAP, otherwise, in less than two years, it could cause serious problems," an insider told the British magazine Heat.
"She's been told that if she allows her bunions to get worse, she may never be able to wear heels again."
Besides never being able to wear heels again, which is no tragedy, Beckham's feet will be more likely to get arthritis, face further disability, and have problems with her legs, hips, and spine because of gait issues from the bunions.
The thought of getting rid of her heels and wearing flats for the rest of her life is apparently filling Beckham with horror and she is realizing she needs to do something about her painful bunions.
"She's relenting and saying she would be swayed to do it this winter. At least that time of year, it's easier to keep her feet under wraps and wear flats," the insider said.
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