Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Trevor's Disease

Trevor's Disease is an extremely rare congenital bone developmental disorder that occurs in one case per million. It is three times more common in males than females.
This disease is characterized by an asymmetrical limb deformity due to localized overgrowth of cartilage, resembling osteochondroma. It usually affects the lower limbs and it is also known as dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica (DEH) or Fairbanks Syndrome. It affects the epiphyseal plate, or growth plate, at the end of a long bone. The plate is found in children and adolescents, but not adults, whose epiphyseal plate is replaced by epiphyseal line. The disease was named after researcher David Trevor, who believed the disease to be a congenital error in epiphyseal development that affects limb buds during early fetal life.
Trevor's Disease is a benign disorder, and no cases of malignant transformation have been reported. The causes are not known and the disease does not appear to be genetically transmitted. Typically a lesion will grow in size until skeletal maturity with a progression toward pain and arthrosis.
Patients with Trevor's Disease will have painless swelling or a mass on one side of the joint, limitation of motion, angular deformity, concomitant regional muscle wasting, and recurrent locking of the joint. It may be commonly confused with chondroblastoma, osteochondroma, or enchondroma.
Trevor's Disease should be treated if the lesion is causing pain, deformity, or interference with function.
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